• testimonial - Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Site's Photography

      Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Photography 

      Given the popularity of sites like Pinterest, Instagram & Twitpic, it's obvious that a great photo can go a long way. Many of you may have wondered, "If I upgrade my camera, will that make my photos better?" Or perhaps just picking the right color plate to make your food "pop!" is a question you've been dying to ask. Join Susan Filson, the publisher at Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy as she shares her best 10 tips for killer food photography.

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    • testimonial - Pitching Your Brand: From the Other Side of the Table

      Pitching Your Brand: From the Other Side of the Table 

      So you're ready to start pitching your brand to your favorite brands to team up and partner on some cool stuff. Or maybe you're being bombarded by PR folks with pitches and you're not really sure what you should ask for or what they really need from you. This panel goes inside those discussions and reveals from the brand's side, what metrics, partnerships and actions they are looking for so you can be prepared the next time a brand reaches out.

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    • testimonial - The Future of Content... The Digital Kitchen

      The Future of Content… The Digital Kitchen 

      With more and more technology in the kitchen to help us cook better, several companies are pushing the boundaries of connecting the kitchen to our smartphones and tablets. With these technologies, you can leverage for your own community building and brand awareness. From building their own app to creating a platform where anyone can publish and sell their own cookbook as both an ebook and ipad app for free, these entrepreneurs will share insights on how they build their companies, how you can leverage their brands to build your own and what trends are coming so you can start to think about you

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    • testimonial - A Down and Dirty Conversation about SEO for Food Writing

      A Down and Dirty Conversation about SEO for Food Writing 

      Frustrated with trying to figure out if your hard work is optimized for search? Join Joshua Unseth as he walks us through (slowly) how we can organize our  site, content and images to give us an extra push in organic search.

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    • testimonial - Get Organized! Make a Plan and Effectively Syndicate your Content

      Get Organized! Make a Plan and Effectively Syndicate your Content 

      It's hard enough to create great content, but just organizing it, creating an editorial calendar and finding what you shot, wrote or researched later can be a pain!  We've brought together some of the sharpest minds to give you their top tips on how you can create more content and syndicate it effectively.

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    • testimonial - Leveraging Trends & Discovering Flavor

      Leveraging Trends & Discovering Flavor 

      Looking for ways to tap into trends or be at the forefront of where food and tech intersect? Join us for a lively discussion on how the pros discover new flavors, leverage trends and tap into social media to drive traffic and build community.

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