• Sara O’Donnell, Founder of AverageBetty.com

      Sara O’Donnell

      Sara O’Donnell, Founder of AverageBetty.com 

      Sara O’Donnell… food lover, blogger, recipe author, video producer and the creator of Average Betty. I’m an artist and an Art Historian by degree. Therefore, the content on this site is an evolving, satirical look at current events, relationships and the foods that define them. Average Betty ignites a passion for cooking and baking and engages a positive environment for the exploration of all foods. From not-so-secret family recipes to the kitchens of James Beard Award winning chefs and all the morsels

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    • Sandi McKenna, Founder Midliferoadtrip.tv

      Sandi McKenna

      Sandi McKenna, Founder Midliferoadtrip.tv 

      Co-Host MidLife Road Trip~Show about Travel, Food, Recipes, Wine, Adventure, Friendship, Funny Side of Life. Foodie, Travel Expert. Cookie Sommelier. Maverick.

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    • Heather McPherson, Food Editor Orlando Sentinel

      Heather McPherson

      Heather McPherson, Food Editor Orlando Sentinel 

      Heather McPherson is the Food Editor, restaurant reviewer and a multimedia journalist for the Orlando Sentinel. She oversees the weekly Cooking & Eating section and writes four weekly columns (food and culture, restaurant recipes and restaurant reviews) and provides daily content for orlandosentinel.com, her blog orlandosentinel.com/thedish and Twitter @ os_thedish. She is a past president

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    • Todd Sturtz, Founder TastingTampa.com

      Todd Sturtz

      Todd Sturtz, Founder TastingTampa.com 

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    • Julius Mayo Jr., Founder Droolius.com

      Julius Mayo Jr.

      Julius Mayo Jr., Founder Droolius.com 

      Photographer and Food Blogger at Droolius.com. Droolius is a food blog with drooling photography that shares food photos at some of the most delicious places to eat, in hopes to feed your visual appetite. Currently based in Orlando, FL we travel locally and around the nation to sample great food and take drooling food photos.

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    • Jeff Houck, Food Editor, Tampa Tribune

      Jeff Houck

      Jeff Houck, Food Editor, Tampa Tribune 

      Jeff Houck (@jeffhouck) is the food editor for the Tampa Tribune. He also writes The Stew food blog (www.tinyurl.com/TheStew and hosts the Table Conversations podcast (www.tinyurl.com/TableConversations) for TBO.com and reports for WFLA NewsChannel 8. In 2008, The Stew was named Best Blog by the Society of Professional Journalists. In 2009 he was named Best Media Tweeter by Creative Loafing.

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