• April 20, 2012: Opening Mixer

    The Tampa Museum of Art is located in Downtown Tampa, Florida. The museum exhibits 20th-century fine art, as well as Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities. It opened in 1979 on the banks of Hillsborough River.

    Catering by Sono Cafe –

    More info:

    Museum location: The Tampa Museum of Art is located in downtown Tampa on the Hillsborough river at 120 W. Gasparilla Plaza.

    Parking: Parking can be found in the W.F. Poe Garage for $1.20/hour. Please see map below

    April 21, 2012: Conference

    The Roosevelt 2.0 is a collaborative space designed to celebrate the creative arts, foster ongoing education, and incubate innovative solutions to social challenges through entrepreneurship. The purpose of the community space is to expand creativity and build business opportunity by expounding on people’s passions. The historic building in Ybor City is a blank canvas for the launch of numerous creative endeavors, at a fraction of typical start-up costs. Beyond the physical space, we are able to tap into the cumulative experience, skills, and contacts of a continually expanding team. The process is documented in order to educate and expand the creative enterprise with ever-evolving skills and resources. The building itself is an ongoing live demonstration of urban sustainability. The once condemned building now showcases innovative technologies that utilize resources efficiently. Through a series of workshops, the project will engage the community in urban sustainability with hands-on participation in future projects such as: Aquaponics system, onsite renewable energy systems, rainwater harvest, alternative construction methods, and many engaging and rewarding projects. The Roosevelt 2.0 strives to facilitate the creativity and passion of Tampa Bay residents. Beyond the bay area, key projects at The Roosevelt 2.0 seek to connect Tampa with creative talent around the world through live streaming of workshops, seminars, and educational presentations; in addition, artisys around the world will have the opportunity to participate in this virtual collaborative “mural.

    More info:

    Address: 1812 15th Street North, Tampa FL 33605

    Phone: 813-248-1904


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